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Is Medium' a magazine killer?

Alex Madrigal writes in The Atlantic: “Over the last year, Medium’s momentum has been building… In the last couple weeks, five very different posts circulated widely in social media, all housed at Medium.com….

"All this built the idea that Medium was something more than yet another blogging platform. It was a place to be seen. Pieces that might have run on The Atlantic, The New Yorker, or Wired would pop up on Medium, and I’d be like, "Dang. How’d that happen?"

"All that made sense, too, given that the company was hiring elite web editors. Medium wasn’t building a magazine, I realized, but a magazine killer.

"They would and could do what we could do, but merely as a component of their overall strategy. It would be as if LiveJournal simultaneously built The Verge. It was almost the Huffington Post or Forbes evolved, with similar editorial chops at the high end and a better blogging platform at the low end (minus the relentless social media stuff)."